Tescos and new road layout plans

At the highly successful residents association meeting last week (29/01/2015) a few questions have been asked about the Tesco store move, park & ride and the new road layout. Fiona did some digging and found both the layouts for the new Tesco Extra store (showing the size of the store and the carpark) and a detailed diagram of the road layout changes. (Click the images for a full size view)




The road layout above shows the new donut roundabout, and the tesco entrance, it also shows how the Bicester Village traffic will be channeled into the village hopfully bringing an end to the tailbacks at that roundabout.



From the Tesco layout above you can see the new roundabout (also shown on the road layout) and the size of the parking and store.



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  1. ‘Donut roundabout’! I hope not – conjures up a ring with a jam in the middle. I think you mean a ‘hamburger roundabout’ 😉

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