We have had confirmation that all 3 cabinets that serve Phase 1 of Kingsmere now have funding agreed for their upgrade to provide superfast broadband.
Taylor Wimpey and Bovis are co-funding the cabinet that serves their customers; Persimmon are funding the cabinet that will serve their customers; David Wilson and Bellway have now confirmed they will co-fund the final cabinet that serves their customers.
Please can everyone now remove the superfast posters they have up – it might seem rude to continue displaying them, now the developers are funding the upgrades.

Well done and thank you to everyone who helped us get to this successful end point for the funding of the upgrades!

Now we just have to wait for the installation and the KRA committee and Broadband group will be following this up with Openreach as soon as the contracts are all signed and with Openreach.

More media broadband hits

A few more articles today about the campaign.

A nice write up by isp review with some interesting background information:


And we had another article on the front page of the Bicester Advertiser last week:



The KRA also gave a full update to everyone at the meeting residents meeting on the 29th of Jan, minutes of which should be online soon.


Following a meeting on Tuesday evening, we can confirm that the contract has now been signed to upgrade the cabinet that serves Bovis Homes and Taylor Wimpey Homes customers on Kingsmere. This will now be jointly funded by both builders. The upgrade will occur within the next 12 months – hopefully sooner rather then later!

Additionally, David Wilson Homes have agreed to proportionally part fund the cabinet that serves their own and Bellway Homes customers. They are now re-approaching Bellway Homes to try and negotiate joint full funding of the cabinet.

The KRA would like to thank Bovis Homes, Taylor Wimpey Homes, David Wilson Homes, Countryside Properties, BT and Openreach who all sent representatives to the meeting.

The work will continue on this issue – a more detailed update will be provided at the KRA meeting on 29/1/15.

The media hits keep coming

Well what a fantastic end to 2014 the broadband campaign had. We are now well into 2015 and already have another media outlet picking up the story:

Along with some updates posted to the ITV story:


Next up there is a Kingsmere Residents Association Broadband meeting being held on Monday (12/01/2015) please come along if you would like to know more or think you can help. The meeting starts at about 7:15 at the Brewers Faryre, the group normal meet on the right of the bar so please pop down and say hello.


One down, two to go..!

We would like to acknowledge Bovis’ generous agreement to fund the upgrade of Cabinet 53 to superfast broadband, which will serve their own and Taylor Wimpey’s customers on Kingsmere.
This has arisen following engagement with the KRA over the past few months. This engagement will offer the residents on Kingsmere some reassurance that at least one of the companies who have made significant profits as a result of their purchases on Kingsmere, are acknowledging their poor experiences with landlines and broadband.

23 december 2014 – Part 2

Wahh, what a day! This morning, radio and website interviews, tonight we made the press again….. This time both on BBC1 and ITV, you can see the news stories below:




With all this coverage, its clear that people are starting to listen. If you have any questions or think you can help out with the campaign, please use the links on the right to get in touch,


23 December 2014 – In the news again

The night before the night before christmas and all is not quiet in the world of broadband on kingsmere. Today we have even more media coverage. It all started at 6am with the news on BBC Oxford (its the first story):


You can catchup on this link: followed by an excellent interview from Matt (a member of the Kingsmere Residents association Broadband group) about an hour and seven minutes into the program.


Next up, we hit the BBC news website, you can read the full article here:

And just now (around 1pm) we have been spoken about on by BBC South:



Oh and make sure you look at the links at work or on your phones as obviously it would be impossible to do it if you are at home in Kingsmere………….


Keep up the good work guys!


11 December 2014 – The state of play

Kingsmere broadband issue featured in the Bicester Advertiser and Oxford Times (check out the links section on the right to have a read).

We will be contacting the builders and BT/Openreach again and will be addressing their responses and making clear the continuing issues for residents. We need to ensure that the builders understand that residents expect them to address these issues for their customers.

What we are asking Kingsmere residents to do –

  • Display the campaign poster (Grab your “print at home” copy from the links on the right)
  • Register your interest in Superfast Broadband with Openreach –
  • Contact your home builder, BT and Openreach to share your poor phone/broadband experience. The more people that talk about it, the better.
  • Let us know if you would like to contribute your time to help
  • Keep an eye on the KRA Facebook page and the new broadband webpage for updates –

1 December 2014

Today (at very short notice) the KRA managed to arrange for a member of the press to come and take an interview about the problems residents are having with broadband. After a quick post on Facebook, we managed to get some of you together and produce the lovely photo below:



We will have to wait a few days to see if it makes it into the press…..