Kingsmere community website launchs

Let me start with a quick welcome.

Welcome to the brand new Kingsmere community website. This site has been set up, by the also newly formed residents group for Kingsmere, with the goal of providing as much information to prospective and existing residents as possible.

The idea is for the site to become a central hub for all development news, both small and large with the idea of keeping everyone in the loop. The forum will be open to everyone to both ask questions and provided answers to questions.

Lastly, this is a community website, we need the community to get involved to make this work and that means you. So hang around, get signed up and say hello.

As the site is new, we are keen to know what you think and what you want to know. Please drop a comment on this post with anything we have forgotten about or if you want to get involved then let us know.

The Kingsmere community team.

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