Self build on Kingsmere

Down in the corner of Kingsmere at the end of Middleton Stoney Road is a new Close. Newton Close, is currently fenced off from the rest of Kingsmere but it has been designated for 21 self-build shared ownership homes. They are part of the BUILD! project – an alternative source of affordable housing across Cherwell district.

If you know someone with practical skills who would love to live on Kingsmere, pass them the source link below, but be quick as the plots won’t last long.

There are five options for would be self builders to select from:

  • Beginner – with this option, you will work on a property that just requires decorating and the outside area landscaping
  • Intermediate – requires you to add all of the fittings and  fixtures* as well as decorating, you will also be responsible for finishing the walls, floors and ceilings, as well as putting in internal doors and landscaping the external areas
  • Self-finish – as with intermediate, but you will also need to install the kitchen and bathroom
  • Watertight shell – with this option you will get to work on a building that has been completed up to the point where it is watertight.  All internal structures, such as partition walls, will need to be added as well as the plumbing and wiring*  You will also need to complete the self-finish aspects (see above)
  • Serviced plot – This is the most challenging option within the project.  As a prospective buyer you will work get to work on a plot of land, to which all services are supplied up to the boundary (electricity, gas, sewerage, roads etc).

*Gas and electrical installations need to be undertaken by a certified trade contractor not directly by the self-builder.

Source: Cherwell

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