We have had confirmation that all 3 cabinets that serve Phase 1 of Kingsmere now have funding agreed for their upgrade to provide superfast broadband.
Taylor Wimpey and Bovis are co-funding the cabinet that serves their customers; Persimmon are funding the cabinet that will serve their customers; David Wilson and Bellway have now confirmed they will co-fund the final cabinet that serves their customers.
Please can everyone now remove the superfast posters they have up – it might seem rude to continue displaying them, now the developers are funding the upgrades.

Well done and thank you to everyone who helped us get to this successful end point for the funding of the upgrades!

Now we just have to wait for the installation and the KRA committee and Broadband group will be following this up with Openreach as soon as the contracts are all signed and with Openreach.


    • Hi Ann, the current date we have is q1 2016 however the Kra and broadband group are trying to bring this as far forward as they can! Any news we will post on this site as soon as we know!

  1. We can hardly describe this as ‘fantastic news’ now. Six months on and there isn’t even a date for when BT will start accepting orders. Even the rural village we moved from now has BT infinity and I moved to Bicester for a better connection!

    • Hi Karen,

      Agreed, it would have been nice to get a date sooner than Jan 2016 however it is still much better than no date at all. Hopeful the guys working on the BB campaign will have an update for us at the meeting on Thursday. I will try to find out.


  2. No doubt, most residents will have access to broadband by now (Jan2018), but does anyone know if there are plans for fibre optic to be laid?

    With download speeds of 2.31Mbps (& uploads at just .75Mbps), our Sky Broadband connection here on Pontefract road leaves a lot to be desired.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.

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