The Kingsmere Community website

This Community website has been set up by the residents, for the residents. Feel free to sign up to the forums, have a look over the news items and get involved with your community.


One website, lots of information

The Kingsmere community group are keen for information, news, tips and answers to be shared with new and existing residents. However for the site to feel like a true community we need everyone to be involved so have a look at the sections below and get signed up.

Get a heads up on what’s happening in and around Kingsmere. Development news, Community news and Social news will all be posted here as soon as we know about it.
All the documents about living on Kingsmere, from meeting minutes to documents about new things going on. Find them all in this section.
Find all the links you need to other bits of information about Kingsmere and the surrounding area.

Kingsmere Community

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